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What type of frosting is on your cupcakes?

We use only real butter buttercream on our cupcakes, made in house, no shortening or fake stuff of any kind.

What kind of flour is in the Gluten free?

We use brown rice flour in our Gluten Free Products, we also use tapioca and potato starch.

How long do your cupcakes last?

We bake fresh every day and allow our cupcakes to remain in our stores from delivery to donation a maximum of 48 hours never any longer! We believe in freshness! 

How can I keep my Cake over night?

I would keep it in the refrigerator overnight and take it out about an hour before serving to let it come to room temp. As we make it from real butter, it could potentially get sad or droopy if left out too long or over night!

What are the Covid safety practices like at Sweet Frostings?

We require all staff members to go through a screening process before starting a shift at Sweet Frostings. Our screening includes a series of detailed questions on exposure and cleanliness, it also includes a required temperature check before clocking in to work. We have also increased our regular sanitation in all departments and require masks and gloves for all staff members.

Sweet Frostings takes our cleanliness very seriously and we are often complimented by our health department on cleaning practices since our start in 2011. The health and safety of our community is our #1 priority.

Can I come into the shop?

We are open and you are welcome to come inside! We have increased our regular cleaning procedures and have a barrier to keep 6 feet away from all fresh products. We ask that you be kind and courteous of others by wearing masks and keeping 6 ft distance. Seating availability is determined by the states regulations, see current updates from our governor.


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