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Sales at Sweet Frostings involves excellent customer service and presentation! We look for members who have an excitement & passion for baked goods and like to try new things. We offer training in sales, coffee and bridal orders but look for experience in food, coffee, restaurant and events! Scroll down for “how to apply”.

Now hiring:

Downtown: Full time Sales & Part time Sales

Whitworth: Full time & Part time Sales 

Valley Mall: Part time Sales 




Baking at Sweet Frostings we look for people who not only seeking a career in the industry but have a passion for baking, value quality of ingredients, and high-end presentation. Our bakers produce delicious cupcakes, cakes, cookies and more for all our locations, they also curate our bakers choice menu for something new every month! We bake everything from cupcakes and cookies to cheesecakes and macarons! We offer training in all areas but do look for baking experience when hiring. We reccomend bringing in photos of past work if its available. 

Now hiring: 

Full time & Part time Baker 

Bakery Manager 



Decorating at Sweet Frostings involves making delicious and beautiful cookies, cakes and more! We are looking for a passionate Artists to add to our team! Each of our decorators are talented artists whos mediums ranges with sculpting fondant & molding chocolate to paiting and piping desins on cakes. Currently looking for a part or full time position to add to our team! Please bring in or send photos of past work when applying. 

Now hiring:

Full time & Part Time Cake Decorator – (Photos or Portfolio of previous work required)


Delivery driver 

Delivery at Sweet Frostings is a very important job, Traveling with our precious cargo everyday to delivery to all our locations as well as delivering to our customers locally. Job includes a new Vehicle to drive daily and parking pass to Park Downtown. Delivery drivers work 8am-2pm, must be 21+ and have a clean driving record as well as a good driver reference. Scroll down for “how to apply” 

Now hiring:

Part time delivery driver: Mon-Thursday  

Wedding Tiered Cake delivery service: part time.


how to apply

1. Email application – Send us a copy of your resume to info@sweetfrostingsbakeshop.com with a 1 minute video attached explaining why you would love to join our sweet team. (selfie style totally works!)

2. In Person application – Drop off a resume with a cover letter telling us why you would be a great fit.

Our Team Culture



We believe that honesty will always be the best policy. Honesty is one thing we all value in ourselves, and in others we work along side. Being honest in our flaws and in our victories we can all grow and learn together.

Be the Change you Seek –
There will always be times when you think about others and what they are doing, when these thoughts arise at Sweet Frostings we ask that you look inside at what you need to change before pointing your fingers at others. If you seek change, become that change, and watch how you can influence those around you with your positive thoughts and actions!

Polite, Pleasant, and Positive –
These three Ps are ones to live by. If you don’t live by these when talking to others it is likely that you are not coming across as polite, pleasant or positive. Your Sweet Frostings team is not only Polite or Pleasant, but always Positive even when times are tough.

Passionate Professionals  –
We search for people who are not only experienced professionals but are passionate about the arts and food, we are SO proud of what we do and we want to share that pride and passion with everyone we meet. While we love to have fun outside of work we want to maintain a safe, clean and professional environment inside our bakery at all times. 

Treat Others How You Want to be Treated –
Treating people the way you would want to be treated can change a lot about how we interact with others. This is the Golden rule of communication.

Being Open and Adaptable –
Change is always about growth and learning. We want to embrace change and be able to constantly adapt to those changes with an open mind! Change is not always easy, being open to change means taking on challenges that come with change and adapting to those changes as well as challenging them to make them better!


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